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The Organic Selection


Our favorite variety of organic cheeses–there is a flavor for everyone!

6oz Organic Traditional Jack
Our Organic Jacks are handcrafted in small micro batches and made from the highest quality organic milk and ingredients available resulting in an irresistible award-winning flavor. Enjoy the ultra-creamy
melt-in-your-mouth texture of our award-winning Organic Jack cheese wedges. These cheeses are great for entertaining! They are the perfect size to serve on a cheese plate and are ideal for melting.

6oz Organic Baby Bella Mushroom Jack
Made with Baby Bella mushrooms, basil, and other herbs, every bite is different. Some bites are sweet, some are savory! This cheese is perfect on a platter or melted onto burgers and sandwiches.

6oz Organic Garlic & Herb Jack
Our Garlic and Herb Organic Jack balances the right amount of garlic flavor with a clean herbaceous aroma.

6oz Organic Jalapeno Jack
Made with organic peppers, our Jalapeno variety is bold and spicy yet creamy and light.

6oz Organic Smokehouse Jack
Our Smokehouse variety is light on the palate yet smoky in flavor.

8oz Organic Raw White Cheddar
Cheddar made with raw milk exemplifies the complex flavor of our locally sourced organic milk. This cheddar has a fruity finish with the characteristic of a honey crisp apple.

3oz La Panzanella Mini Croccantini Original
Light and crisp crackers with a touch of sea salt.

4oz California Almonds
Almonds sourced from our neighboring Glenn County orchards.