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The G.O.A.T.

The Greatest of All Time! This collection is for all the die-hard goat cheese fans


6oz Bella Capra Semi Soft Traditional Goat Wedge

Bella Capra Semi-Soft Goat Cheese is made from fresh milk from our neighboring goat farm, the Fumasi Dairy. Milk is brought into the creamery daily contributing to the fresh, creamy flavor in this award-winning jack-style goat cheese. Our wedges are perfect for snacking and melting! A2 milk makes goat cheese easier to digest.

6oz Bella Capra Semi Soft Smoked Goat Wedge

Locally sourced fresh goat’s milk creates a fresh and creamy flavor with a nicely balanced smokey finish.

6oz Bella Capra Semi Soft Garlic & Herb Goat Wedge

Our smooth Garlic and Herb Bella Capra variety balances a garlic flavor with a clean herbaceous aroma.

6oz Bella Capra Semi Soft Jalapeno Goat Wedge

Our Traditional Semi-Soft Goat Cheese is kicked up a notch with just a hint of spice with red & green jalapenos sprinkled throughout.

8oz Capra Bianca Aged Goat Cheddar

Made with our neighbor’s goat’s milk, this classic goat cheese is aged six to 12 months and features a complex nutty flavor and a creamy texture. Capra Bianca is a delicacy for the goat cheese lover but enjoyable for all.

8oz Bella Capra Chevre

Made from fresh local goat’s milk and features a remarkably soft, creamy texture with light citrus flavor notes.

Note: All gift boxes are packed in SNCC gift boxes with a bow as shown.



4oz California Red Walnuts

Red Walnuts sourced from our neighboring Glenn County orchards.

3oz La Panzanella Mini Croccantini Original

Light and crisp crackers with a touch of sea salt.

10oz Penna Olives

Locally sourced olives from Northern California.

8oz Volpi Salame

This all-natural pork salami is infused with high quality chianti, dry cured and aged to perfection.

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