About Us

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company

is owned by Ben Gregersen and John Dundon. Ben’s parents, Danish dairy farmers, immigrated to Sacramento and started several successful dairy companies. Ben and John met while working for Ben’s father at Foothill Home Dairy. Ben studied cheesemaking in Denmark and Canada and worked in the same Danish cheese plant as his grandfather. John began in the dairy industry while in high school working for a local Mt. Shasta Creamery and later spent some time at Brown Cow mastering the art of yogurt.

The Beginning

In 1997, Ben and John began making cheeses using traditional methods with the highest quality, rBSt-free milk available to sell at local farmers markets and natural foods stores. Demand grew quickly and Sierra Nevada relocated to Willows in Glenn County, a rural milkshed in the heart of Northern California.

The History of our Plant

Sierra Nevada was formerly Glenn Milk Producers, built in 1958 by a local collaborative of farmers producing butter and milk powder. Ben and John purchased the vacant creamery in 2003 and have been renovating ever since.

What’s Next?

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company may only have been around for two decades, but the legacy of rich dairy tradition runs deep in our roots. So what does our future as a company look like? We recently expanded! We created a separate Distribution Center across the street from our manufacturing facility, created new offices, and a brand new retail store. We look forward to our store being a Cheese Destination and can’t wait to share our passion for Real Cultured Dairy!
Ben and John 1-2
Owners John Dundon (left) and Ben Gregersen (right) posing with an array of our Original Sierra Jacks “The Jack Cheese with Flavor!”

Our Processes

In an age of industrial manufacturing—and overprocessing—Sierra Nevada offers real cultured dairy products. We are inspired to create products with uncompromised flavor and quality, providing families with the wholesome goodness of authentic, farmhouse-style dairy foods. All of our products are made with traditional techniques and values. We allow the cultures to do the work in a time-activated process. We are committed to making simple products with simple ingredients—which means no added gums or stabilizers, artificial flavors or added sugars. You will be able to taste the
difference in our old-school methods!

Our Mission

Each batch of cheese, yogurt, butter, and cultured products is handmade by our team using locally sourced milk from family-owned dairy farms. Our processes and ingredients are simple and our milk is full of wholesome goodness, creating deliciously pure cultured dairy products for your every day enjoyment.