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Sustainable Farming Practices

At Sierra Nevada Cheese Company, we utilize a 5-part system assuring to consider how all parts factor into our sustainable farming practices.

Local Northern California Farms

We use only selected fresh milk from Northern Califonias Dairies.

Local cows grazing

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Currently our waste water system is a 100% self contained lagoon evaporation system. A state of the art enclosed treatment system will be able to separate out the solids and protein which will be utilized as a supplement fertilizer ingredient. Scheduled for completion in early summer 2010.

Wastewater Treatment

Energy Efficient Motors & Equipment

CFL Lighting: 2005 started a program to change the entire plant to energy efficient lighting.

Solar Power: 600 KW 2.2 acres of Solar panels for a 100% usage. Scheduled for completion in late spring 2010.

Green Energy Pactices

Hormone Free Animals

From our inception in 1997 we were one of the first to offer a premium to our farmers for milk free of synthetic hormones. We are also American Humane Certified.

Hormone Free Animal

Fresh, Artisan Dairy Foods to Your Table

We will continue to offer your family a healthy choice for gourmet dairy foods. Contact Us for more information or to place order.

Artisan Dairy Foods Wholesome for the Entire Family

Sarah, Ed and Hailey Fumasi, our neighboring goat farm friends.

Three Spheres of Sustainability

The Three Spheres are: Social, Environmental, Economic which are integral to our sustainable farming practices. When these overlap, a truly sustainable system is created:

Three Spheres of Sustainability

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