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Taphouse Favorites


Pop open your favorite beer, these cheeses are the perfect pairings for your next get together Includes:

8oz Sierra Jack Traditional
The Sierra Nevada Cheese Original, known as the Jack cheese with flavor! It is handmade by our cheesemaker in small micro batches with Graziers Grass-Fed milk sourced from local Northern California dairies and features the smooth and creamy texture that we are known for.

8oz Sierra Jack Hatch Chile
The New Mexico Green Chile provides a subtly sweet and smokey taste that perfectly balances with the creaminess of the Sierra Jack cheese.

8oz Sierra Jack Smokehouse
The Sierra Jack Smokehouse is a great melting cheese and can be used in grilled cheeses, Paninis, baked pastas, and fondues. Compliments other wood grilled/roasted items.

8oz Sierra Jack Habanero
Our signature Habanero is bold and spicy yet smooth and velvety, with a lingering kick that will have you craving more!

8oz Graziers Raw Milk Sharp Cheddar
This cheese is high in omega-3s and CLAs, has a classic tangy Cheddar flavor, with a great sliceable texture. Snack on it, melt it, use it in recipes or pile it high on sandwiches.

3oz La Panzanella Mini Croccantini Original
Light and crisp crackers with a touch of sea salt.

4oz California Almonds
Almonds sourced from our neighboring Glenn County orchards.

4.5oz Llano Seco Californiano Salami
Rancho Llano Seco’s Californiano salami is an homage to the land and the Mexican people who live in California featuring the holy trinity of Mexican chili peppers–guajillo, pasilla, and ancho plus added cocoa powder.

8oz Penna California Orchard Olive Mix
Penna is passionate about olives; their olives are known as “California’s Everyday Specialty.” This mix includes a variety of olives from Northern California.