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Sierra Nevada Cheese Company
Willows, California


Goats’ Milk Dairy Products

USDA Organic All products listed are available in retail units as well as bulk food-service sizes and locally made with pride in Northern California.

Capretta Goat Yogurt

Capretta Yogurt
  • Plain
  • Non Fat
  • Low Fat (6 oz. only)
Our newest creation is a creamy, tangy goat yogurt with a healthy dose of calcium, protein, and millions of probiotics, as well as the easy digestibility of goat milk. We offer three versions all in plain flavor: Rich & Creamy and the first-ever Low-fat and Non-fat goat milk yogurts. 24 oz. containers.

Single Serve 6 oz. Capretta Low-Fat Goat Yogurt in a variety of flavors:

  • Plain
  • Vanilla
  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry

Bella Capra Semi-Soft Goat Cheeses

Bella Capra Goat Jack Cheeses
  • Traditional
  • Garlic & Herb
  • Jalapeno
  • Smoked
Enjoy the ultra-creamy texture of our Bella Capra Goat in four flavors: Traditional, Garlic & Herbs, Jalapeno, and Smoked.

Available in 6 oz. wedge, 6 lb. wheel and larger bulk size.

Bella Capra Firm Goat Cheese - Capra Bianca

Reserve Age Goat Cheddar

Aged 6-12 month and features a creamy smooth texture and a complex, nutty flavor.

Available in 8 oz. loaf, 5 lb. loaf and larger bulk sizes.

Bella Capra Chèvre

Capre Chevre

Savor the soft, creamy texture of Bella Capra Chèvre, an award-winning cheese with light citrus notes. Crumble it onto salads, or warm it slightly to spread on crackers.  It’s a great addition to all of your favorite recipes!

Available in 8 oz. pillows, and a 4 lb. tub.

Bella Capra Feta

Caprae Feta

Our version of this traditional Mediterranean brined curd cheese is simple. Its fresh milk taste stands alone or compliments ingredients in your favorite recipe. Add it to a Greek pasta, crumble on salads, or bake on foccacia bread with olives, sundried tomatoes, or pesto.

Available in 8 oz. wedge, 10 lb. wheel or a 5 lb. loaf.

Caprae Raw Milk Goat Cheese Collection

To support small sustainable local agriculture, we partner with our neighboring goat farm, Fumasi Goat Dairy. They are our single-farm milk source for Caprae Cheeses. Like all of our suppliers, the Fuamsi's provide us with milk that is free of antibiotics and synthetic hormones. The goats reside in an open air barn and are pastured seasonally.

Caprae RAW Aged Goat Cheddar

Caprae RAW Aged Goat Cheddar
  • Aged 6- 12 months, this cheddar showcases the sweetness of our pure, raw goat milk. It has a complex flavor resulting from naturally occurring healthy micro-organisms in the fresh milk we receive from our neighboring farm, the Fumasi Goat Dairy. Using milk in a raw state preserves its full, original nutritional value. Seasonal variations in the raw milk accentuate a diverse range of flavors, making this cheese one you will want to purchase again and again.
  • Available in 8 oz. loaf, 5 lb. loaf and larger bulk sizes.

Caprae Raw Monterrey Jacques

Caprae Monterrey Jacques
  • Monterrey Jacques is a mild, semi-soft goat cheese with a remarkably creamy texture you may come to crave! Serve it cubed with crackers, slice onto hot or cold sandwiches, shred onto pizza, or dice into salads and side dishes.
  • Available in 8 oz. loaf, 5 lb. loaf and larger bulk sizes.

Wholesome and Natural

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company strives to bring you the best products free from artificial ingredients or hormones. Our organic dairy partners achieve American Humane Association animal welfare standards.

Contact Us to find out more about our award-winning products and the healthful benefits from using natural and wholesome ingredients.

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