Cultured Classics

NEW! Capretta Lemon Goat Yogurt!

Lemon 6oz cup

We are pleased to introduce new Lemon flavor to our popular line of 6oz goat yogurts! The sweet flavor of fresh lemons with the smooth tang of our all natural Goat Yogurts is a perfect combination. Try Capretta Lemon today!

Capretta Low-Fat  Goat Yogurts

Capretta Goat
Yogurts 6oz.

Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla
6oz cup

Capretta 6-oz. Low-Fat Yogurts feature the same thick and oh-so-perfect texture as our original Capretta Goat Yogurts but in a single serving size. The Capretta Low-Fat Yogurt versions pair the sweet flavors of organic fruit with the naturally pungent flavors of goat’s milk.
These yogurts are handmade with locally sourced goat’s milk and available in Plain, Strawberry, Blueberry and Vanilla.

Capretta Goat Yogurts

Capretta Goat
Yogurts 24oz.

Rich & Creamy Plain, Non-Fat Plain
24oz cup

Indulge in the ultra-clean flavor of Capretta Yogurts that showcase the signature taste of goat’s milk. The texture is as smooth as yogurt comes. Capretta Goat Yogurts come in Rich & Creamy and Non-Fat.

Bella Capra Wedges

Bella Capra Wedges

Traditional, Garlic & Herb, Jalapeno, Smoked 6oz wedges, 6lb wheels

Enjoy the creamy texture of our award-winning goat cheese, Bella Capra made with milk from the family dairy down the road. Savor the bold aromas of the handmade cheese in four varieties: Traditional, Garlic & Herb, Smoked, and Jalapeno.

Our smooth Garlic & Herb Bella Capra variety balances a garlic flavor with a clean herbaceous aroma. Our Smoked variety is light on the palate but packs a young smoky flavor. The Jalapeno variety is bold and spicy yet creamy and light.

Capra Bianca Aged Goat Cheese


Capra Bianca Cheese

8oz block, 5lb loaves, 40lb blocks

Made with our neighbors goat’s milk, this classic goat cheese is aged six to 12 months and features a complex nutty flavor and a creamy texture. Capra Bianca is a delicacy for the goat cheese lover but enjoyable for all.

Caprae Raw Milk Cheeses

Caprae Raw Milk Cheeses

8oz block, 5lb loaves, 40lb blocks

Caprae Raw Milk cheeses exemplifies the fresh quality milk from our neighboring goat dairy and the complex array of flavors resulting from naturally occurring healthy micro-organisms present in our fresh milk.

Seasonal variations rouse a range of flavors and enhance our raw goat’s milk artisan cheese.

Our raw milk goat chesses come in two varieties: Monterey Jacques, and Cheddar. Our Cheddar Caprae Raw Milk cheese variety boasts a creamy texture and is pleasantly sharp. Our Monterey Jacques variety is smooth but maintains the signature goat cheese flavor.




8 oz loafOur Award Winning Bella Capra Chevre is made from fresh goat milk from our neighboring goat farm and features a remarkably soft, creamy texture with light citrus flavor notes. This high quality Chevre is made using traditional methods with only the best quality ingredients.
Bella Capra Feta


Bella Capra Feta

8oz wedges, 5lb loaves, 8lb wheels

Made with local goat’s milk, our high-quality feta cheese is simply delicious. It’s crumbly, salty and equal parts fresh and pungent to the taste buds. Each bite will transport you to the Greek Isles.

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